Oh wow a post about Halloween in October!?  That’s so original of me…  Okay so obviously it’s not.  However Halloween is seriously the best holiday.

I would say I’m sorry for the late post, again.. However I know that this will not be the last time and you should really only apologize if you’re going to change your behavior…  I’ll try but I’ve been trying for almost twenty one years and still haven’t had much luck…

Back to Halloween!  So this is my favorite time of year.  The leaves are falling, it’s perfect hoodie weather.  (If you live in the western hemisphere.)  And unlike Thanksgiving, which I am sure started out as a great holiday,  a day to give thanks, and has turned into a holiday of lets eat all the foods!  even with America’s obesity rate…

Halloween.  It’s my favorite holiday because you can be anyone or anything.  I can be a responsible, non-procrastinator!  A G.I. Joe.  A drag queen.   Okay so probably not the last one.  I have man face.  But it is absolutely amazing to me, great costumes, free candy, the sound of children laughing and your neighbor screaming because someone TPed his house.  Maybe he shouldn’t judge and tell people they are too old to trick or treat…  Just saying.

I’m hopefully going to post pictures of me and Sister2 in our costumes.  Let’s say the Thursday after Halloween.  That way I have plenty of time to procrastinate.

Also Halloween is a pagan holiday.  It’s not devil worship.  Plus Plus, it’s a mix of a pagan holiday and all saints day.  A Christian holiday.  So don’t hate on Halloween.

Some lady was all like.  “I can’t believe you’d let your children celebrate this sinful day.”

And the other lady (from her church) was like.  “You know my husband.  He’s always so lenient.  But he told them they could and I am tired of being the bad guy.”

I kind of wanted to rip my face off, speak in tongues and wiggle my ripped off face at them.  I didn’t but I wanted to.

That’d be like me saying “I’m not a Christian.  I’m agnostic, so Christmas is a bad holiday.”  It’s fun and an excuse to see your relatives and have the same conversation with all of them.  “How are you?” “Where are you working?”  “Do you have a boy/girlfriend?”

That’s another reason I like Halloween better.  I love my family, but being around them makes loving them harder sometimes.

Anyway.  Happy Halloween.

PS if you haven’t heard WORDS AS WEAPONS-SEETHER.  give it a listen.  it’s super good.


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