Does anyone else…

not consider it a new day until you’ve slept?  I really hope it’s not just me.

Sorry about the late post.  It was super rude of me and I’m not trying to excuse it, but seriously, I hadn’t slept, I didn’t have to work and I don’t believe it’s a new day until you’ve slept.  Like the second you wake up, people say good morning, even if it’s like five o’clock.  Or good night even if it’s only noon.

I don’t know.  Anyways, WORDS!!!

So I’ve had lots of thoughts and feelings.  The biggest one for me lately is, how should I publish?  Should I go traditional or e-publish?

There are so many articles about the advantages and disadvantages of both that I’m kind of surprised that my head didn’t explode.

One site/blog/thing I found actually had statistics and apparently if you try traditional and get rejected your e-book will do worse than it would have if you had instantly gone the E route.  How scary is that!?  And your cover design is more important than the contence of your book. (How the hell do you spell contence?  google doesn’t even know!)

What I mean by that is, you’ll actually make more money from the money you spent on your cover design than you will on having someone proofread your novel.

However, in series, the reverse is true because people won’t buy the second one if the first on was shittily proofread.

Does that freak anyone else out?

Like, I knew writing wasn’t easy.  But I am a control freak and a worry wart.  This makes me break out in hives and want a nice padded room and some jello.

So those are my thoughts on “Thursday”  Have a great day and Halloween the shit out of October.  😀


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