Apple Jacks and Artifical cherry flavor!

For some reason I feel like I’d need a degree to understand, I feel awesome.  Woo!  I ate nothing but apple jacks (12 boxes) and drank nothing but sodas(pops?) with artificial cherry flavoring for the last three days.  I didn’t sleep.  Avoided sharp objects.  And I wrote like some dude in a gimp suit had a pez dispenser full of firecrackers pointed at my head.

That was a weird image.  Also I listened to Porcelain Black, lots of her.  My favorite song is Who’s Next.  Oh, who’s it going to be?  Who’s going to be next?  I want a boy taste like whiskey and cigarettes!

I think I am destined to be a cougar.  First I need to learn how to growl like she does.  She’s not a cougar but that song makes me think of cougars.  I just realized something terrible.  You have to have a vagina to be a cougar.  And experienced, and probably at least kind of hot.

I’ve been told I’m that last one…  Unfortunately, I am twenty and all I have experience in is being not experienced..  Also I don’t have a vagina…  This is a terrible day.

Oh well.  It’s still a great day because I think, hopefully, maybe, I’m done grieving, and I got five cookies today.

Why did I get cookies and not share?  Well I don’t know where you live and ALSO I get cookies for not intentionally hurting myself.

I know my site thingy is called P!nkdependent, but I just couldn’t listen to her.  Normally her music makes me all kinds of happy but I think maybe the whole suicide thing put me off.  Like I became a huge fan when I was getting to the “I don’t deserve to live” stage of life and she helped me, made me feel understood, so I didn’t.  He did.  Icky feelings.


You’re beautiful and brilliant and if you don’t believe me, ask your mom.  I bet she’d agree.  If she doesn’t, give a homeless guy a dollar to say it to you.  He KNOWS!


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