Die Death!

So, I am super tired of people dying.  It sucks.  My grandma died tonight.  I picked up my cutting habit again, and am currently bleeding because crying made my nose all stuffy.  Seriously not a good reason, but I did it.

My dad, very supportively said, “Suck it up.  You’re twenty now, soon everyone you’ve ever known will die.  My parents are probably next.  And your siblings are all older than you by at least a decade, so you’ll get to go to their funerals too.”

Woo!  :.(

I’ve outlined three different books because of these awesome mile stones in my life.  After I outlined them, I emailed them to my bestie, and deleted any trace that they were ever on my laptop.

I have decided to take a mini vacation from my life.  I will now go out and hug everyone who’s first and last name I know.  Okay, probably not, I am an antisocial/social butterfly.  I know a lot of peoples.

I baked a dozen apple pies and didn’t eat any of them…  Hers were better.  Also I burned the first two.  I am up to thirteen Tiny Hats for the month of September.

My imaginary friends are now all immortal because I don’t want them to die.  It used to be fun to kill them in new and more evil ways.  Like the Sims.  That game is the best, I’m sure everyone has played it but if you haven’t you should.  Tiny computer people are at your mercy.  You are a god to your Sims.  You can make them go to the bathroom and then take a way the door so they’ll starve.  Remove the ladder when they swim so they drown.  Hit their tiny little universe with a tornado because gods get bored of happy little healthy people.  It’s like author-ing only more sociopathic.  Woo….

Anyways hope all of your people stay alive.  Call them say you love them and ask for all their good food recipes because demanding that they live to be 187 will not necessarily make it so and you will miss the tastes.


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