Would you keep Reading?

The sixteenth of November is the hardest day of the year.  Penny vanishes and leaves me all alone.  She can’t deal with the day any better than I can, but she can hide better.

How sad is it that the shattered pieces of yourself have to protect themselves from something in your past?

I haven’t slept in two days.  I won’t sleep today either.  I should have been better, I should have been smarter, I should have stopped him.

The phone rang and I threw it against the wall. The battery flew one way and the phone flew the other.

Today I cried.  Today I lay curled up on the floor in his hoodie and I let the darkness take me.  There were no nightmares to paint, no one else in the world.  Just me, alone.


I flinched.  “Not real.”

“I’m not?  Or your not?”

I smelled decay.  It coated the back of my throat and seeped into my pores.  “You’re not.”

“Samuel, is that any way to speak to your creator?”  The Father laughed.

“Tried to break us.  He created us.”  I pulled the hood over my head, rolled over and nibbled on cold ramen.

“I am the reason you have magic, power.”

“You are nothing.  Not anymore.  You can’t hurt us anymore.”  A while later, I rolled back over, I couldn’t smell the Father anymore.

Alone, again.


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