Some changes… Again

So I decided to do themes, so I know what to write about.  Monday is Music Monday.  I’ll write about a song(s) that fit a theme for that week.  Wednesday is Reading/Writing Wednesday.  Mostly book reviews and series reviews, with random things I’ve learned/thought about writing sprinkled in.   Saturdays will be sewing Saturday.  A random sewing fact or cool project idea.


Sister2 was uncomfortable with sharing images with the universe… So I have to edit them before I post them… Sorry.  I will fix it.


Have a great day.



Oh wow a post about Halloween in October!?  That’s so original of me…  Okay so obviously it’s not.  However Halloween is seriously the best holiday.

I would say I’m sorry for the late post, again.. However I know that this will not be the last time and you should really only apologize if you’re going to change your behavior…  I’ll try but I’ve been trying for almost twenty one years and still haven’t had much luck…

Back to Halloween!  So this is my favorite time of year.  The leaves are falling, it’s perfect hoodie weather.  (If you live in the western hemisphere.)  And unlike Thanksgiving, which I am sure started out as a great holiday,  a day to give thanks, and has turned into a holiday of lets eat all the foods!  even with America’s obesity rate…

Halloween.  It’s my favorite holiday because you can be anyone or anything.  I can be a responsible, non-procrastinator!  A G.I. Joe.  A drag queen.   Okay so probably not the last one.  I have man face.  But it is absolutely amazing to me, great costumes, free candy, the sound of children laughing and your neighbor screaming because someone TPed his house.  Maybe he shouldn’t judge and tell people they are too old to trick or treat…  Just saying.

I’m hopefully going to post pictures of me and Sister2 in our costumes.  Let’s say the Thursday after Halloween.  That way I have plenty of time to procrastinate.

Also Halloween is a pagan holiday.  It’s not devil worship.  Plus Plus, it’s a mix of a pagan holiday and all saints day.  A Christian holiday.  So don’t hate on Halloween.

Some lady was all like.  “I can’t believe you’d let your children celebrate this sinful day.”

And the other lady (from her church) was like.  “You know my husband.  He’s always so lenient.  But he told them they could and I am tired of being the bad guy.”

I kind of wanted to rip my face off, speak in tongues and wiggle my ripped off face at them.  I didn’t but I wanted to.

That’d be like me saying “I’m not a Christian.  I’m agnostic, so Christmas is a bad holiday.”  It’s fun and an excuse to see your relatives and have the same conversation with all of them.  “How are you?” “Where are you working?”  “Do you have a boy/girlfriend?”

That’s another reason I like Halloween better.  I love my family, but being around them makes loving them harder sometimes.

Anyway.  Happy Halloween.

PS if you haven’t heard WORDS AS WEAPONS-SEETHER.  give it a listen.  it’s super good.

Does anyone else…

not consider it a new day until you’ve slept?  I really hope it’s not just me.

Sorry about the late post.  It was super rude of me and I’m not trying to excuse it, but seriously, I hadn’t slept, I didn’t have to work and I don’t believe it’s a new day until you’ve slept.  Like the second you wake up, people say good morning, even if it’s like five o’clock.  Or good night even if it’s only noon.

I don’t know.  Anyways, WORDS!!!

So I’ve had lots of thoughts and feelings.  The biggest one for me lately is, how should I publish?  Should I go traditional or e-publish?

There are so many articles about the advantages and disadvantages of both that I’m kind of surprised that my head didn’t explode.

One site/blog/thing I found actually had statistics and apparently if you try traditional and get rejected your e-book will do worse than it would have if you had instantly gone the E route.  How scary is that!?  And your cover design is more important than the contence of your book. (How the hell do you spell contence?  google doesn’t even know!)

What I mean by that is, you’ll actually make more money from the money you spent on your cover design than you will on having someone proofread your novel.

However, in series, the reverse is true because people won’t buy the second one if the first on was shittily proofread.

Does that freak anyone else out?

Like, I knew writing wasn’t easy.  But I am a control freak and a worry wart.  This makes me break out in hives and want a nice padded room and some jello.

So those are my thoughts on “Thursday”  Have a great day and Halloween the shit out of October.  😀

Sticks and stones.

May break my break my bones but words will never hurt me.  The pen is mightier than the sword.  So which is it?  Do words have power or don’t they?  Should an author type a word, that fits beautifully with a character?  Or should they be responsible and censor themselves so they don’t hurt anyone?

When is it okay to say, what ever word?

For me personally, the F word, not rhymes with duck, is a biggy.  It’s like nails on a chalk board and I refuse to listen to music with that word in it.  I hope I’m not unique in this.  The word maybe different but there are certain ones that just bother the lizard part of your brain.

But, I’m a hypocrite.  If it appears in a truly amazing book, I’ll keep reading.  In Andrea Speed’s Infected series, Roan, is called it on several occasions.  Not only is he gay but he is also a feline shifter.  Kitty F*g.  It bothers me but I can see his strength of character and his humor in how he deals with it.

I don’t know how many female protagonists have been called B!tch and that doesn’t bother me either.  Maybe it’s because I’m male?  I don’t know.

So, when is it okay to use words that someone will be offended by?  To make a point?  To show a characters isolation?  Isn’t there a hundred other ways to do that?  You have roughly 80,000 words to show their isolation or make your point.

I guess it’s just something I have been thinking about a lot more lately.  I worked at a gas station and if you want to be called names you have never had the opportunity to be called before, work at a gas station.  Customers will not hold back.

I’ve been called: F*g, bitch, asshole, (all the standard ones) and Honkie.

I actually thanked the gentleman who called me that.  It was new, in my twenty almost one years of life no one has ever called me a honkie.  Cracker, sure, but cracker always struck me as odd/pitiful.  The only thing I can think of that would be less offensive is Chip.  Crackers are delicious and insanely useful in cooking.

N***** just means ignorant.  That can never be taken in a good way.

And I have seen authors use it too.  Their eyes were watching god.  That book they make you read in high school with the surprisingly crappy Halle Berry movie.

They read and show the movie in school, yet sex is hidden and made something OTHER.  I don’t get it.

So when is it okay for you to use these words?  I haven’t the foggiest.  Honestly.  And you could say that you aren’t using it, your characters are, but that’s a cop out.  You created your imaginary friends and you gave them the personality and place to use the words.

Words have power and I am personally going to try very hard to remember that.  If I have a character, who for some reason, uses whatever word, it will be for a better reason than quickly showing isolation or strength.

Though at the same token, if my imaginary friends (Like myself) cuss like a sailor, I won’t stop them.  Fu(kin $#!+, I hope that made some d@mn sense.

And peace on earth.

Story. Lessons. My mom.

Who? What? When? Where? Why? Taste. Touch. Smell. Hear. See.

The vital components of any story, fiction or non-fiction.  Show don’t tell.  Do this.  No do this.  You can’t say that.  You can’t do this.

I’ve wanted to be a writer for several years, basically the second I found out they had spell and grammar check.  I have always had thoughts, feelings and opinions on everything.  When I’m being overly blunt my mom laughs and points into the distance.  “Mom,” She says, “look how fat that lady is!”

Apparently when I was four I said this at the grocery store and she was shocked.  She fought her urge to pick me up and abandon our cart full of food.  Instead she bent down to my level and told me that the woman wasn’t fat, she was curvy and beautiful in her own right.

The woman didn’t like this.  She wanted me to be raked over the coals because she was offended.  My mom responded,  “My son made an observation. He had no effect on you.  He did not decide your weight, eating or exercise habits or even your glandular issues or family history that may have led to your curvy physique.  He expressed himself and I am proud that I have raised someone who can express themselves.”

Or something like that.  It changes every time she tells the story.  Regardless it has stuck with me.  I am who I am and I should express myself but I should do it in a way that doesn’t hurt someone else, physically or emotionally.  I should have some tact.

Writing is kind of like that.  If you eventually want someone, somewhere to see it, or even if there’s just a teeny tiny chance that someone may, you shouldn’t let it hinder your expression, but you should at least attempt to have some tact.

You should flourish in the thought that someone will agree with you and you shouldn’t let the people who want you to be raked over the coals stop you.  At the same time you shouldn’t give the coal people any extra ammo.  If it matters to you and you feel strongly about it, shout it from the roof tops, but be ready to defend yourself and everything that makes you what you are.

So those are my slightly circular thoughts.  Hopefully you don’t have a head ache.  Also hopefully the people who agree will shout louder than those who don’t.

Controversy is conflict.  Without conflict, story doesn’t exist.

Apple Jacks and Artifical cherry flavor!

For some reason I feel like I’d need a degree to understand, I feel awesome.  Woo!  I ate nothing but apple jacks (12 boxes) and drank nothing but sodas(pops?) with artificial cherry flavoring for the last three days.  I didn’t sleep.  Avoided sharp objects.  And I wrote like some dude in a gimp suit had a pez dispenser full of firecrackers pointed at my head.

That was a weird image.  Also I listened to Porcelain Black, lots of her.  My favorite song is Who’s Next.  Oh, who’s it going to be?  Who’s going to be next?  I want a boy taste like whiskey and cigarettes!

I think I am destined to be a cougar.  First I need to learn how to growl like she does.  She’s not a cougar but that song makes me think of cougars.  I just realized something terrible.  You have to have a vagina to be a cougar.  And experienced, and probably at least kind of hot.

I’ve been told I’m that last one…  Unfortunately, I am twenty and all I have experience in is being not experienced..  Also I don’t have a vagina…  This is a terrible day.

Oh well.  It’s still a great day because I think, hopefully, maybe, I’m done grieving, and I got five cookies today.

Why did I get cookies and not share?  Well I don’t know where you live and ALSO I get cookies for not intentionally hurting myself.

I know my site thingy is called P!nkdependent, but I just couldn’t listen to her.  Normally her music makes me all kinds of happy but I think maybe the whole suicide thing put me off.  Like I became a huge fan when I was getting to the “I don’t deserve to live” stage of life and she helped me, made me feel understood, so I didn’t.  He did.  Icky feelings.


You’re beautiful and brilliant and if you don’t believe me, ask your mom.  I bet she’d agree.  If she doesn’t, give a homeless guy a dollar to say it to you.  He KNOWS!

Die Death!

So, I am super tired of people dying.  It sucks.  My grandma died tonight.  I picked up my cutting habit again, and am currently bleeding because crying made my nose all stuffy.  Seriously not a good reason, but I did it.

My dad, very supportively said, “Suck it up.  You’re twenty now, soon everyone you’ve ever known will die.  My parents are probably next.  And your siblings are all older than you by at least a decade, so you’ll get to go to their funerals too.”

Woo!  :.(

I’ve outlined three different books because of these awesome mile stones in my life.  After I outlined them, I emailed them to my bestie, and deleted any trace that they were ever on my laptop.

I have decided to take a mini vacation from my life.  I will now go out and hug everyone who’s first and last name I know.  Okay, probably not, I am an antisocial/social butterfly.  I know a lot of peoples.

I baked a dozen apple pies and didn’t eat any of them…  Hers were better.  Also I burned the first two.  I am up to thirteen Tiny Hats for the month of September.

My imaginary friends are now all immortal because I don’t want them to die.  It used to be fun to kill them in new and more evil ways.  Like the Sims.  That game is the best, I’m sure everyone has played it but if you haven’t you should.  Tiny computer people are at your mercy.  You are a god to your Sims.  You can make them go to the bathroom and then take a way the door so they’ll starve.  Remove the ladder when they swim so they drown.  Hit their tiny little universe with a tornado because gods get bored of happy little healthy people.  It’s like author-ing only more sociopathic.  Woo….

Anyways hope all of your people stay alive.  Call them say you love them and ask for all their good food recipes because demanding that they live to be 187 will not necessarily make it so and you will miss the tastes.